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  Eason Diving has successfully and safely performed contaminated diving projects at nuclear power plants, industrial facilities and sewage plants since the mid 1980's. Protecting the diver from known and sometimes unknown contamination is of paramount importance in providing these services. We maintain an extensive equipment inventory including Desco free flow double exhaust helmets complete with Viking drysuits for use in nuclear, chemical or oil contaminated environments. Procedures have been developed in-house specific to the dressing out and decontamination of the diver and equipment to eliminate unnecessary health risks and significantly reduce equipment replacement costs.

  Acting as Dive Master under contract to the U.S. Coast Guard on the 1994 Morris J. Berman barge spill in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tom Eason supervised the submerged oil recovery diver operations. Incorporating the contaminated diving and decontamination procedures developed on previous projects resulted in the successful completion of the oil recovery effort in 60 days with no Eason Diving injuries and minimal loss of equipment resulting from contamination.

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